Please help nominate GHOST PLANET for a Ringo Award!

That’s right! You, yes YOU, can help co-creators Sean Von Gorman and myself (Jeffrey Burandt), amplify our 40-page, sci-fi, horror, done-in-one, graphic novella, GHOST PLANET from Scout Comics. Why should you do this? Because a nomination like this will help our book out IMMENSELY!

Open voting ends May 11, 2023. NOMINATION VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Please go to and nominate GHOST PLANET for Best Single Issue, Best Writer (Jeffrey Burandt), Best Artist (Sean Von Gorman), and Best Cover Artist (Sean Von Gorman and Omar Estevez), pretty please with alien spores on top!

What we would really like to achieve is that, “Best Single Issue or Story,” nomination. We think our powerful, 40-page, done-in-one makes us an excellent candidate for that nomination.

PURCHASE: See all covers and merch available HERE. Digital copies available via DriveThruComics.

REVIEWS: Still unsure if we’re deserving? Check out all these amazing reviews!

Ghost Planet invites readers to join a family of explorers in turmoil brought together by the horrors found on a mysterious planet. It’s haunting and at times shocking. A well-crafted body horror thriller that’s hard to resist.” –LOTUSLAND COMICS 

Ghost Planet feels like Junji Ito in space….imaginative and terrifying.” – BLAKE’S BUZZ

“Highly recommend. Such a cool story. Interesting concept and I had a great time reading it!” – THOSE NOT SO SUPER DUDES

“Burandt’s story is compelling, well scripted and expertly paced. Von Gorman’s artwork mixes all the elements together into a tale which is always suspenseful and appropriately shocking.” – ADULT MUTANT REVIEW GUY

“Blood curdling…I fucking love this…pick it up, really fun.” – WE HAVE ISSUES

“There is a well thought out ecosystem at play here [….] Ghost Planet is a solid piece of storytelling” – COMIC CRUSADERS

“I love the ending…It’s so good!” – BAT CITY COMIC PROFESSIONALS

“This is one, awesome cosmic horror comic that is definitely worth the price of admission!” – COMIC REVIEWS AND CRAFT BREWS

Let’s make this happen! Please and thank you!


Jef & SVG (of comics)