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Jeffrey Burandt is a writer and performer living in Brooklyn, New York. Having earned an MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College, he has written for DC Entertainment, Details Magazine, Devil’s Due Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Oni Press, Overflow Magazine, and Scout Comics, as well as several blogs and indie publishers. Further, he was a founding editor of the digital salon TripCity. He was also the front man for sci-fi, rock band Americans UK and self-published their adventures as comic books for many years.

2022 sees the release of many of Jeffrey’s comix projects.

Sean Von Gorman’s and his sci-fi-horror, graphic novella, Ghost Planet will be released in November 2022 by Scout Comics. You can buy the Ashcan Preview now HERE.

Jason Goungor and he successfully funded the first issue of their super-hero-slasher comic, Killer Bad #1,  which shipped in February ’22, while production continues on Killer Bad #2.

Meanwhile, he has stories published in two more anthologies, both successfully funded on Kickstarter, and both available now for purchase: “Always Already,” with artist Taylor Love, written for the Twisting Time Anthology; and, “The Last Fae,” with artist Pierre Roset, written for Containment Breach Vol 2: Myth Reborn.

His first graphic novel, Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad, from Oni Press, with art by Dennis Culver and colors by Ramon Villalobos, made the 2017-2018 Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List, and is listed by Den of Geek as one of the best graphic novels of 2015. Available now via Simon & Schuster.

Jeffrey is currently developing a 6-issue, action horror series, Blood + Brains, with artist Jason Goungor, as well as a 3-issue, grindhouse superhero-horror series, Killer Bad.  In 2021, Killer Bad #1 was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Jeffrey and Jason’s action-horror property, “Chris Never,” debuted in Heavy Metal Magazine in 2020. The duo also had a story in Megadeth’s 35th anniversary, graphic novel collection: Death By Design.

Jeffrey has recently completed a 100-page graphic novel with artist Blake Sims, an adventure comedy titled Gonad the Ballbarian. You can read the first 4 chapters on Webtoon.

His “Rainbow Boy” short stories, with artist Sean Von Gorman and colorist Paul Mounts, have appeared in various anthologies, including the New York Times Best-Selling Love Is Love.

In 2020, two of his comix short stories were a part of successful Kickstarter projects, the first with artist Dean Haspiel in Creator Owned Heroes; and the second with artist Sean Von Gorman and colorist Paul Mounts in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Freshman Force: Collected, published by Devil’s Due. He also wrote a comix short story titled, “Iterations of the Apocalypse,” featuring art by Christa Cassano, published in the Ringo-nominated Pandemix: Quarantine Comix in the Time of ‘Rona (digital copies available for download here, with proceeds to The Hero’s Initiative).

Photo by Seth Kushner.
Photo by Seth Kushner


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