Just Super 1 – The Gentleman No More

Just Super is a series of vignettes about super-people reimagined as yet another wave of gentrification in the big city, co-created by me and artist ZEES. This first episode was self-published by me in my anthology series Americans UK: Rocktronic Mixtape 1Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-1Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-2Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-3Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-4Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-5Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-6Just-Super_01_6_20_2011-7

After the villains, come the artists. After the artists, come the bars. Then the coffee shops and boutique stores. Once the boutique stores arrive, here come the heroes! Capes and cowls are just another wave of gentrification here in Zap City, jewel of the Meta East Coast. Think you’ve got problems? My landlord was bitten by something radioactive on the subway, and has since gained the proportional strength and stench of a rat! Just super.

[“Classy Lass” pin-up by Scott Forbes + “The Gentleman” pin-up by Terry Taylor]

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