Gonad the Ballbarian is live on Webtoons!

Gonad the Ballbarian is live on Webtoon! Even more, co-creator Blake Sims and I have entered Gonad in Webtoon’s 2018 Discover Contest, and we need your help. A big part of the contest is reader interaction. What this means: we need you to start a Webtoon account, subscribe to Gonad the Ballbarian, like, love and comment on our comic! We’ll be releasing 4 episodes in pretty quick succession over the next few months, per the contest rules, so again, please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode, and when you’re finished reading an episode, please tell us what you thought, and give us a like/love either way. Also, please share Gonad on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit or wherever you hang out on social media.  We need to get the word out!


Gonad the Ballbarian is a wandering warrior who fights for glory across the planet Perenium, a hostile but magical land choc-a-bloc with venereal villains like the Crimson Patch, Lady Swelling, and Simplex. Join Gonad the Ballbarian and his otherworldly allies in their battle against Death Wart and his crusty cronies! That jerk known as Destiny demands a victor and the fate of all Perenium is at stake!! Think, “Game of Thrones,” meets, “Rick & Morty.”

That all said, we think that Gonad the Ballbarian is NOT an adults-only comic, but we wanted to play it safe with Webtoon’s publishing policies. So if you are comfortable with your 15+ kid watching South Park or Rick and Morty, or reading MAD Magazine, and your kid thinks nuts and dongs are as funny as we do, we think this comic is acceptable for said kid.

Gonad the Ballbarian

Gonad the Ballbarian, written by me with art by Blake Sims, was originally published on Trip City, the now-defunct online magazine. Gonad tells the story of a magical testical in land of sorcery and impossible science. Think ’80s He-Man told as a dick joke. It is the best. There is a song.

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[Top left: “Death Wart.” Top right: “The Hermaphrokite” & “The Crabbies.”

Bottom left: “Gonad the Ballbarian.” Bottom right: “Red Groinya.”]